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Security has always been a problem on the internet, but with recent growth and the rise of e-commerce, it's gotten a lot worse. Crackers attack a web sites through operating system, standard software like web and web mail servers, and through custom software written especially for the site. Some crackers try to break into specific systems but the majority program their computers to "try the door handle" on millions of computers, looking for any with a particular weakness that they know how to exploit. Today crackers not only exploit vulnerabilities, but they also use automated attack software such as worms and viruses with devastating effects.

When the network was mostly academic, cracker attacks were mostly a waste of peoples' time. Although much cracking is still a matter of turf wars and senseless vandalism, some crackers are out to profit from extortion and stealing sensitive information such as credit card numbers. For many web sites, cracking is a significant, if not the largest, source of unplanned downtime.

What we can do.

We can't promise that the systems we build are "unbreakable" -- anybody who does isn't being honest. We do use some of the most secure software avilable, like Qmail. We keep track of the latest information in the security field, from sources like CERT and Phrack Magazine. We're familiar with the methods crackers use, and the techniques for making software safer, including: denial of service attacks, penetration testing, network scanning, buffer overflows, security auditing, defense in depth, cryptography, and antivirus software.

We make every effort to build secure systems, and can help you make an existing system more secure. We're also experienced at creating monitoring systems that can reveal security problems early -- sometimes before they become a problem.