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A web site isn't like a book, it's more like publishing a magazine. You'll probably want to update the content, particularly if you want to keep users coming back. Technology Cill change: changes in web browsers, web crawlers and search engines can cause problems, even if you're not trying to live on the "bleeding edge." Hardware and software fail, particularly if you have an elaborate site. Most unfortunate at all, crackers are a continuous threat, no matter what operating system and server software you use. The average internet-connected computer is scanned several times a day by crackers looking for machines they can break into -- the only defense is in being vigilant and proactive.

If we manage a web project for you, we can certainly help you in a moment of need, however, there's a lot we can do to reduce the need for maintainance and make it easier to do. For instance, we can build you a content management system that will let you change text on the site without needing to learn HTML. Elaborate sites can benefit from monitoring systems based on tools like SNMP, Cacti and Abacus Logcheck that can help us understand how the system behaves under normal conditions and reveal problems quickly, before conditions deteriorate.

Our web sites incorporate advanced user tracking technology, including cookies and Tapir User Manager which can help you understand more about how people find your site, who visits your site, and what fraction of your users are repeat visitors.

  • We use tools like The Webalizer to make attractive and easy-to-understand usage reports. [See an example] This kind of information is not only useful for keeping things going smoothly, but is also important for planning future changes to the site and managing the promotion of the site.