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A successful web project requires:
  • Planning: What is the site trying to accomplish? Who is the audience? How will it be supported?
  • Design: What technology is the site going to require? How are we going to put it together?
  • Implementation: Writing the software, creating the images, and creating the content
  • Maintainance: Fixing problems, Measuring performance.
The lines between the stages are more fluid for the web than they are for many other software projects: it's much easier to update the software on a web site than it is to upgrade the millions of copies of shrinkwrapped software installed around the Earth. Web sites are in constant interaction with users and with a changing network. Lessons learned in maintainance need to fed back into Planning and Design, and errors in design are often caught in the implementation phase.

Particularly on the web, it's much better to take a small part of an ambituous project to completion than it is to develop something that will take too long to deploy. We can take your project through all four stages, or we can help you with any one of them.