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Tapir User Manager

Download tapir user manager 0.10.4, or read available documentation.


2/24/03 - Tapir User Manager 0.10.4. has been released. TUM 0.10.3 fixes a bug in session expiration introduced in 0.10.3 and includes a new function that checks session validity against the database for critical pages. (View Changelog)
2/19/03 - Tapir User Manager 0.10.3. has been released. TUM 0.10.3 tightens API semantics and includes many minor bug fixes and performance enhancements. Major overhaul of permanent login, post variable handling and periodic tasks. Changes in session cookie hash protection to allow flexible format. Solaris compatibility. Can login with username, e-mail or both.

9/12/02 - Tapir User Manager 0.10.2 has been released. TUM 0.10.2 greatly improves error handling: errors are logged in the database and are handled correctly after http headers have been sent. A major refactoring has begun that will facilitate use of TUM in multi-language systems. Minor bug fixes, performance and cleanups connected with lazy initialization.

About TUM

User management is the difference between "big" web sites like Amazon.com and the millions of "little" sites. User management really should be built into mainstream web servers by now, but unfortunately, there's been little technical advancement in web servers since the 1993 introduction of NCSA httpd -- it's sucessor, Apache, still controls nearly 60% of the web server market. Microsoft has begun to realize the importance of user management with Microsoft Passport which makes it possible to log onto thousands of web sites with a single username and password, yet, I think many web operators won't want to share their customer list with the world's largest software company, particularly famous for playing hardball with it's competitors.

As we see it, an interactive web site is a collection of web applications that blend together because of a common visual style, common session handling and a common user database. Tapir User Management is a software toolkit that adds user management to Apache, the world's most popular web server, running the PHP scripting language, which is the most popular Apache extension. T.U.M is good for internet sites, because it lets users create accounts for themselves with verified e-mail addresses, but it can also be configured for intranet sites where users are explicitly created by an administrator. T.U.M. has robust session handling, aimed at the needs of sites with a million plus users getting over a million hits per day. On top of this, T.U.M has a sophisticated adminstrative interface and the ability to send e-mails to arbitrary subsets of users.

T.U.M. is designed to be integrated into existing web sites based on PHP and Apache, as well as to be used as the foundation for new sites. It has a straightforward API for writing new applications, and we've found it quite easy to modify existing applications such as Geeklog and Phorum to work with it. By adopting T.U.M, you can save many man-months of development time and end up with a more sophisticated user-management system than you'd be likely to develop in-house.

Although T.U.M is still pre-release, it's already in use on a number of internet sites, including tcgreens.org.