Freedom VR 2 Reference

This page lists all of the <PARAM> tag arguments accepted by Freedom VR 2. Remember that n, j and x always refer to the horizontal direction and m, i and y always refer to the vertical direction. cell1Width=120
mFrames,nFrames The number of images in the (vertical/horizontal) direction. At least one of these is required. If both are specified, Freedom VR will enable 2-d navigation -- if only one is specified, Freedom VR will enable 1-d navigation either up or down.
noCircleM,noCircleN Set this to true to prevent the user from spinning the object in a complete circle in the vertical or horizontal direction. See an example. 
initialI,initialJ These specify the initial frame which will be viewed, given the vertical and horizontal frame number. Both default to 1.
upsideDown Set this to true if your images are stored in upside-down order in the vertical direction.
ccw Set this to true if your images are stored in counterclockwise order. Leave undefined if your images are stored in clockwise order
modelBase  This is the beginning of a relative URL pointing to your images. Because java does not allow network connections to machines other than the machine that serves the applet, (otherwise a hacker could write an applet that uses your computer to hack somebody else's computer) the images must be stored on the same machine as your web page. The default value is "model/"
imgExt This is the extension of your image files. The default is ".gif"; The formula for image URLs is modelBase + number + imgExt; If modelBase is "spinLogo" and imgExt is ".jpg" the URL of image number 4 is "spinLogo4.gif". 
statusText Specifies the text that will appear in the status line of the browser once the applet has been loaded. The default is "Freedom VR ready".
plugins Takes a comma-separated list of Java classes which will be dynamically loaded to add functionality to Freedom VR. You must declare any hotspot objects that you use in this line.
progX,progY progX and progY control the position of the the progress bar while the model is loading; by using them you can place the progress bar in an uninteresting part of the image. progX and progY specify the coordinates of the upper left corner of the progress bar in pixels relative to the upper left corner of the applet. 
marginX,marginY marginX and marginY displace the image away from the upper right of the applet. By using these tags and enlarging the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the applet, you can put a border around your model.
bgColor this sets the color of the margin; the value is a hexadecimal color value of the form "#RRGGBB"

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