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Installing Freedom VR

WARNING: The number one problem that people have, particularly Windows users, is trying to get Freedom VR to work locally. It appears that applets that load resources such as images don't work quite right when they are running locally with many web browsers. We reccomend that you don't waste your time trying to run Freedom VR off the local disk, but that you just install it on a web server to start with. This has the added advantages that the applet won't break when you move it, and if you have troubles I can just go to your page and take a look and usually solve them in a minute.

The first step in setting up a Freedom VR model is to install Freedom VR on a web server. If you understand about CODEBASE and symbolic links you can probably set up something better, but these instructions are aimed at beginners.

  1. Download from the download page.
  2. Unzip
  3. Move the files that spill out on to your web server into the same directory as the .html file for your page. The names of the files are: The .class files are there for older browsers, while Netscape Communicator 4 and other JDK 1.1 compliant browsers support the new .jar format which accelerates applet download significantly.
  4. Next: Go the the 1-d navigation page for instructions on setting up 1-d navigation, or the 2-d navigation page for instructions on setting up 2-d navigation.


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