Olivia S. DiRenzo

Writing, animation art, scanning, touchup, and the fist in the quicktime movie.

Paul A. Houle

Victim, javascript, .gif animation and cinematography.

Multimedia inclusions work best with Netscape 3.0 on the widest range of platforms. This is still true in the communicator era! Netscape used to come with a good Quicktime plug-in for Windows and Macs, and Unix users can use the latest version of Xanim to view quicktime movies. Animated .gif files were drawn by Olivia, scanned into a Mac, and cut apart with photoshop. At this point Paul combined all 39 frames with MultiGif on an AIX machine. This produced a 1 megabyte file which was unacceptable, so he compressed it further with Gif Wizard over the WWW (back when this was free.) Movies and photos were shot with a Color Quickcam on the Macintosh in Clark 516. Quality is awful because this room is poorly lit. When Olivia gets her laptop we expect to be taking movies and pictures everywhere. No microsoft products were used and no windows were harmed in the making of this web page.

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