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Today URLs are on TV ads, food wrappers, junk mail, the sides of buses, billboards, and everywhere else. Everyone wants you to visit THEIR web page, and they're constantly looking for a gimmick to suck you in. Just have a look at any modern page. People think that if you use enough applets, animated gifs, and heavy graphics, their page will be stormed by thousands of viewers.

Like everyone else, you're cramming your page full of applets, animated gifs and graphics until it takes 5 minutes to download, and you expect the masses to beat a path to your page to ogle at its technological sophistication... but then you realize that the only hits it's getting are from you. You ask yourself, why does everybody else's page get more hits than mine?

What can I do to make MY page get thousands of hits??

The answer is simple... any page can be enlivened with the skillful use of the oldest, most popular, and most universal lure of all time...


The use of violence is neglected in web style manuals, which is strange when you consider how popular it is in other media. People will watch anything if it has spectacular explosions and nasty looking weapons. Think about it- what, usually, are the top grossing movies and top rated TV shows? Stereotypical, hyperviolent splatterfests, of course. And violence doesn't even depend on language or culture to communicate its message. People everywhere immediatly understand and respond to it. When it comes to universal appeal, there's really nothing like a good gun fight or car wreck. Successful movies such as Terminator 2 sell around the world.

One look at our media and culture makes it clear: Violence works. Best of all, you too can utilize the power of violence to enhance the popularity of your page. Violence is easy to do -- two people untrained in cinematography with nothing but a QuickCam, a fist, and a victim can make violent movies. With no artistic talent whatsoever, you can draw the most lurid kind of violent animation. We have two examples right here, just to show you how easy it is.

People love violence, and they'll hit your page to see it. After all, it got you to hit this page, which should make it obvious: If it works for us, it can work for you!

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