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Volume 6 Issue 1
Feburary 28,2000
Columbia Support Network

A project of the Institute for Global Communications, the Columbia Support Network is warning the public of increasing US involvement in Colombia's civil war, a situation that reminds us increasingly of how the US got tangled in the Vietnam war. Now is the time to act, because Congress is discussing plans to increase US participation in the Colombian War.

Cocaine Decisions

A US "agricultural aid" program to Colombia is sending "advisers", helicopters, and herbicide spraying planes to Colombia. American servicemen have already been killed. Presidential candidates Al Gore and G. W. Bush have personal interests that might lead them to make Cocaine Decisions which could bring the US deeper into the war.

Leonardo Boycott

When Etoys tried stealing etoy.com with a lawsuit, activists started a campaign which lowered the company's stock price from $68 to 14. After that, you'd think other companies would be more careful, but it seems that France-based Leonardo Finance believes in living dangerously. Leonardo Finance is sueing the academic art journal Leonardo, established in 1969, for trademark infringement and many of the same people who defended etoy.com are mobilizing a Leonardo Boycott and other campaigns.

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