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Volume 5 Issue 6
Feburary 3,2000

The drive to turn the web into a mass medium is reducing the commercial web into a homogenous blur of visual and interactive style. Look for "entertainment" at a web portal and you'll find web pages about every television show and movie, but nothing entertaining.

Superbad prevails, despite lack of revenue and impossible odds. Using backgrounds, ASCII art, and animated .gifs, Superbad immerses the viewer in a vast swirling content of hypertext which, at least, is nice to look at even if we don't understand what it means.

access statistics for

Thousands of web sites publish access statistics for all to see. Because many sites use the log analysis programs, you can get statistics for websites belonging to NASA, Dutch Hacker groups, and failed online shops by searching for common words on any search engine. Does this violate privacy? In each case, the owners of the sites provided a link to their statistics and took no precautions to prevent robots from entering.

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Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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