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Volume 5 Issue 5
January 30,2000
U'wa Campaign

As civil war intensifies in Columbia, the US is preparing to intervene against leftist guerillas in the name of the war on the drugs. If the conflict escalates, America could find itself in another Vietnam. Occidental Petroleum, with assistance from the Columbian army, is stealing land from the U'wa tribe in order to prospect for oil. Activists are putting pressure on major investors such as Al Gore and Fidelity Investments. Read more and get involved with Rainforest Action Network's U'wa Campaign.

Living Room

Living Room is a rare kind of web site: a criticsm of the cancer of strip malls, tract housing and superhighways which have blighted our landscape and made America's downtowns irrelevant. Living Room is a collection of articles about walking, cycling, urban planning and sustainable development contributed by visitors across the web.


When my mother died, we flew back to the US and spent days walking dazed in a newly built subdivision down the road from her house. We felt a break with our society as we flipped through her piles of magazines with deadly health "advice" dictated by the junk food pushers and the Dairy council. Recorded with the Game Boy Camera, Airstrike is our record of non-consensual hallucinations we had walking outdoors while our new neighbors were watching televison.

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