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After a six month hiatus, Positive Propaganda is back. We've added an index by subject and expect to make shorter, but more frequent, issues. Expect more changes in the next few days as we work the bugs out.

Volume 5 Issue 3
December 11,1999
Etoys.com sit-in
RtMark, Electronic Disturbance Theatre, programmers and web users around the world are working together to punish etoys.com for abusing the legal system to shut down etoy.com -- a dangerous precendent that threatens all independent web publishers. Visit the Etoys.com sit-in site to join the action.


Etoys, a $4 billion corporation, didn't like the site at www.etoy.com. When the Austrian artists at etoy didn't sell out for half a million of stock, etoys called in lawyers to shut etoy down -- just in time for the Christmas season. If etoys can abuse trademark law to shut down a site much older than their own, it sets a dangerous precedent for independent online publishers. Visit Toywar to join the letter writing and boycott campaign against etoys.

Game Boy Camera Gallery and Tutorial

Color snapshots are fruitless, since they are inevitably compared to the thousands of commercial photographs we see each day. Stuck in a foreign city, without a darkroom for making Black and White prints, we tried learning to see with the Game Boy Camera, making a Game Boy Camera Gallery and Tutorial.

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