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Volume 5 Issue 2
August 19,1999
Protest net

Is Oceania at war with Eurasia or East Asia? Sometimes it seems there's alway a war going on, if only to give the oversized militaries of the US and Europe a reason to exist. Although the US military has changed its dogma, propaganda, and recruitment to become less vulnerable to popular movements such as the one that ended the Vietnam war, activists work worldwide to lessen the grip of militarism on our lives. To help people get involved, Boston-based South End Press, publishers of Z Magazine, put together Protest net, an online calendar for peace activists around the world -- where you can find out what's going on near you and list the activities of your own organization.

White Dot

A few years ago, Olivia told me that the average American watches 3 years of television commericals in their lives -- and since then, except for the unavoidable Superbowls, we've watched only minutes. The White Dot, with branches in the US and the UK, would like you to do the same. After a splash page, White Dot slashes the jugular of the opiate of the people with chilling statistics and interactive television that lead the viewer to ask, "How would I feel on your deathbed knowing how many years I've wasted."


Since Thoreau, Americans have escaped the horrors of urban life by going back to the land. Weblife continues that tradition with a mixture of new age philosophy and practical information on agriculture, food storage, the mass media and computer security. Unforunately, Weblife's discussion forums haven't really caught on, since, like so many worthwhile sites, it doesn't get enought visitors. (Slashdot, probably the only successful community site, is so because of it's targeting a lowest common denominator and flirtation with the mainstream media.)

Athiest club

When Micah White tried to start an club for athiests at his high school, the administrators and principal refused. His family went to a lawyer and the school backed down. The offical site of the Grand Blanc HS Athiest club contains some nice essays, the story of the club, and an animated .GIF rejecting four world religions. Even though the Athiest club is a Frontpage-generated minefield of applets and frames that crashed my browser, we hope Micah inspires more young people to speak out.

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