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Our recent visit to London was one of the most terrifying experiences of our lives -- we discovered Britain is run by a close club of graduates of a small number of schools. Video surveilance in train stations and other public spaces exceeds the paranoid fantasies of Phillip K. Dick and 1984. Please enjoy our celebration of Positive Propaganda's first anniversary.

Volume 5 Issue 1
July 4,1999
Sein Fein

Northern Ireland remains colonized after centuries of British occupation. The nationalist movement Sein Fein, and its military arm, the Irish Republican Army, fights a desperate war of psychological attrition aganst a paranoid national security state. The British government maintains sufficient control over newspapers, the BBC and independent television and radio, forbidding the expression of opinions favorable to the IRA. At least they can't stop Sein Fein from having a web site.


Urban75 is an professional but adveristing-free web magazine with original writing, comics and photography. With practical advice and reporting on activism against multinationals, road construction, and genetically altered foods, Urban75 fights in a land where partying is illegal. To quote, "We at Urban75 do not encourage anyone to break the law. We suggest that you sit in at home and watch TV while the multi-nationals are destroying this planet and there's poverty and homelessness all around you"


Speaking of heriditary elites, a few weeks ago, PR agents of the Bush campaign announced they'd bought about 200 domain names such as "bushsucks.com" and "bush-bites.com." Soon we learned the reason: Zack Exley, a friend of RTMark Inc., put up gwbush.com, challenging the candidate, who advocates mandatory minimum for drug offenders despite his past cocaine use, to extend our forgiveness to minorities and the poor. Bush denounced the site in public, stating that "There should be some limits to freedom" but the would be president's complaint to the federal election committee went unheeded.

Her Magesty's Prison Service

Sometimes a real web site reads like a parody. Her Magesty's Prison Service, a home away from home for 60,000 britons, informs us that "there is more to prison life than simply doing time." Written in the latinate tounge of Britain's elite, perhaps it's a warning to lawbreakers on this fair island.

We noticed domain name speculators moving in and we got worried. To study the phenomenon, we studied the trigraphs, domains with three letter initials such as tqu.com. Nearly all trigraphs are currently reserved, with around 12% held temporarily by domain name "squatters". Trigraph domain names are being sold openly for $4,200. Soon after we published these results, Network Solutions changed the legal disclaimer attached to WHOIS queries to specifically forbid this kind of research.

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