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Towards the end of his career, when the television cameras stopped following him and he was regarded a crackpot, Marshall McLuhan proposed that violence was a way that we search for our identity. In crowded Europe, ethnically homogenous groups that eat the same food, speak the same language and practice the same religion have perceived other people to be the enemy for millenia. Without the threat of organized communism, NATO and the oversized US military are struggling to justify their existence in a world with something better than a pointless permanent war against Iraq and campaign against pathetic scattered "terrorists."

Volume 4 Issue 6
April 7,1999
Radio B92

In wartime, to the authorities, free speech as at best a luxury, more likely a pestulence to be eradicated. Radio B92, of Belgrade, was shut down a few days after bombing began. Long critical of the Yugoslavian government and its genocide, Radio B92 opposes NATO's bombing since, so far, the bombing has intensified Serbian attacks on Kosovo's Albanian population and furthered Milosevic's plan to force them to evacuate.

Thanks to XS4ALL in the Netherlands, Radio B92 can still reach us at a web site at which we can read, listen and view independent commentary about Yugoslavia and the war.

Borba Daily

CNN, television networks and the newspapers immerse us in a simulated war directed out of the Pentagon. It's counterpart in Belgrade, of course, puts strict controls on communication in Yugoslavia to eliminate internal dissent. Since NATO, for the first time, is at war with a internet-connected nation, the rest of us can tune in. Borba Daily is the English language organ of the current Yugoslavian government, priding itself in surviving throughout the Nazi occupation. Today, Borba Daily reads like everybody's war propaganda. Never finding anything creative to say, it describes NATO forces as baby killers, decries the destruction of ancient churches, and gloats over the capture of US pilots while managing to say nothing about the fate of Albanians in Kosovo other than to describe their guerilla forces as "criminals."


People in the states have heard a lot about Kosovo lately, but they haven't heard much about the struggle of Kurds in nearby Turkey, where over 30,000 people have been killed in a guerilla war lasting 14 years. The reason is, as was the case for East Timor, the US has aided the Turks to suppress the movement. Recently the Turks have aggressively moved to crush the movement, causing Kurds to demonstrate at embassies throughout Europe -- making headlines on the continent, but ignored by the US media. (The US, meanwhile, is throwing it's support behind Kurds in Iraq who are opposed to both Saddam Hussein and the Turkish movement.)

Until last week, MED-TV, broadcasting from the UK, was the only Kurdish language TV channel in the world, a voice uniting Kurds throughout Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to its inflammatory rhetoric and complaints by the Turks MED-TV has been suspended for three weeks. Fortunately, they've still got a web site where you can read about the culture and the struggle of the Kurds, the largest ethnic group without a nation.

Race Traitor
Holders of middle class values in "melting-pot" America are ignorant of the violence it takes to back up their banal convictions. Most people living in lilly-white suburbs, who go for months without talking to blacks, say we buried racism, a disease of the South, in the sixties. Ask a black, or pay close attention to your surroundings, and racism is obvious, institutionalized by city governments (and other institutions) in the most "enlightened" communities.

Race Traitor plans to "abolish the white race" by spurring "the defection of enough of its members to make [whiteness] unreliable as a predictor of behavior." A journal of the New Abolitionist Soceity, it "acts an intellectual center" and "support(s) practical measures, guided by the principle, Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity." Race Traitor's site carries articles from the journal and links to the New Abolitionist web site and explains why and how white people can act to tear down white priviledge.

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