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Volume 4 Issue 4
Feburary 5,1999

Decorated with simple, consistent art, Revolution! demonstrates what a good communicator can do with Geocities. Subtitled, "A Guide to Communism, Socialism and Revolution on the Internet" this site is a web directory and reading list on the far left. Revolution! contains over 150 links to organizations such as the Worker-Communist party of Iran and the Ho Chi Minh Youth Leauge as well as other efforts such as The Che Guevara Page and The Marx and Engles WWW Archive.


RtMark's strategy against the centralized news and entertainment media is a form of cultural terrorism, acts of sabotage against corporate products aimed to question the spread of corporate power. Most famous for sponsoring the activists who switched the voiceboxes between Barbie and GI Joe dolls, RtMark accepts donations to set bounties for successful culture jamming projects. Although their site might confuse you and your browser with popup windows, you can read articles about their theory and practice and read about past and future projects such as a band that openly sells a CD of resampled Beck songs, a plan to deface the Windows boot logo on computers from a major manufactures and to record over Blockbuster's censored videotapes with originals to force Blockbuster to admit the practice.

Modern Televison
Phillip Denis Patris, musician, accountant and videographer is the sole propreitor of Modern Televison , a producer of television and web content. The site offers criticism, articles, and video clips from both Phil's work and other sources, such as a Winston commercial starring Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble. We found out about Modern Televison when we heard Phil had been threatened by CBS over his satirical site "Baghdad 98," that mocks CBS's Nagano 1998 logo, uses Dan Rather's image and otherwises violates CBS's corporate identity. Phil hasn't backed down -- enjoy this site while you can and be ready to defend the right of free speech for him and other web producers.

We've thought for years about how to make a webcam interesting, useful or profitable. The is 22-year old Jennifer Ringley's attempt to do the last. With a business model opposite that of commercial television, Jennifer broadcasts the scene in her bedroom 24 hours a day, charging viewers $15 a year for continuous access to images of Jenni outrageously primping herself in front of her computer, curled on her bed and, occasionally fucking her flannel-clad boyfriend. We admire Jennifer's spunk, and we'd like to see alternatives to the mainstream media flourish, but we feel sorry for anyone loney enough to spend hours obsessing about a woman.

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