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This week: after a brief stop at the bank, a thrilling ride through inner and outer space.

Volume 4 Issue 3
January 15,1999
Chase Manhattan Sucks

Since Chase Manhattan bank is famous for forclosing family farms and ordering the slaughter of peasantss in Mexico, it comes as no suprise that it rips off the consumer. Chase Manhattan Sucks is a protest site; although it's a product of the Netscape 2 era, complete with an animated .gif of a man pissing on the name of the bank, this page does a good job of collecting sob stories and other complaints about the bank.

Bad astronomy

We all know the mass media is filled with disinformation -- Astronomer Phil Plait got tired of it and created Bad astronomy, which debunks astronomical errors in TV, movies and the news, as well as common misconceptions in the media. Phil takes on the big-budget Hollywood movies "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" as well as a plaque at New York's grand central station.

The 3-d sky: Giants!

The 3-d sky: Giants! is a major renovation of our most popular site. Once a pointless (but fun) VRML romp through our stellar neighborhood, we added a simple astronomy lesson, a new color scheme, and redid our models with our Freedom VR applet.

Piper at the gates of dawn

Pink Floyd's first album, Piper at the gates of dawn is the most psychedelic album of the psychedelic era. From the first track "Astronomy Domine" to the long instrumental "Interstellar Overdrive" it's a celebration of Timothy Leary's "fifth circuit", joy and energy in motion--without the negative overtones of its contemporaries "Sgt. Pepper" and "We're Only In It For The Money."

The Lycaeum

The  Lycaeum is a vast site about psychedelic drugs and their effects. Here you can read over 500 accounts of trips on natural substances such as Salvina Divanatorium and Cannbis and artifical substances such as 2C-B and LSD. The  Lycaeum also features biographies of great psychedelic explorers, such as Aldous Huxley, William James, and Robert Anton Wilson, and a collection of art, photographs and music. Don't miss the collection of online books such as "The Doors of Perception", and Alan Watt's "Joyous Cosmology."

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