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We're moving to a biweekly schedule for the next few months so we'll have the time to bring you some new web projects which we'll feature here in the future.

Volume 3 Issue 6
December 1,1998

One hundred and fifty years ago, before Massachusetts was a tangle of suburbs and superhighways, Thoreau got tired of civilization and resolved to live in a cabin in the woods. His writing from this time spent hoeing a garden and watching the seasons change on Walden pond in Lincoln, Mass. is his most famous work. Walden contains the full text of the book, along with a shorter version for the impatient. Useful links include a 1916 English dictionary for looking up Thoreau's more obscure words, and information about Walden pond today.

Electronic Civil Disobediance

How can we use the new tools of personal mass communication to support struggles for liberation such as micropower broadcasting and the Zapatistas? Electronic Civil Disobediance, made by graduate student Stefan Wray, got kicked off a web server at NYU for his answer. Wray'sfriends in Electronic Disturbance Theatre created FloodNet, a system that makes your web browser continuously reload a target site , clogging an opponent's network and filling their server logs with political messages. At this site you can participate in FloodNet actions and read articles about Electronic Civil Disobediance

The Anarchist Teapot

The Anarchist Teapot operates in an abandoned building in Worthing, UK. Their idea was that making tea for free would break down the social relations imposed by capitalism and be a catalyst to communication, the first step in a social revolution. At The Anarchist Teapot, you can find out about their projects and other things anarchists are up to in Worthing and follow links to some good resources on anarchism.

Press Agency Ozgurluk

Press Agency Ozgurluk, hosted in the Netherlands, spreads the word about human rights abuses in Turkey. Socialists, trade unionists, and Kurdish nationalists "disappear" and are murdered by state- supported "Guerilla" groups. Here you can read news stories from the banned newspaper Kurtulus, articles from other organizations like Amnesty International, and newspaper stories in a variety of languages. Even while big buisness consolidates the internet, the internet still has revolutionary power that reaches beyond national censorship.

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