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Volume 3 Issue 5
November 16,1998
Ban Landmines Now!

Antipersonnel mines kill or injure someone every 22 minutes. An international movement to ban landmines is making progress but needs our support. The United States is the last barrier, since it refuses to sign the treaty banning mines. Activst Tim Grant put together Ban Landmines Now! with photographs he took in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Angola and Mozambique. Although heavy in gimmicks, Ban Landmines Now! explains the threat mines pose, gives news about the movement, and exposes the companies that still make mines, such as Lockheed and GE.

Commodify your Dissent

We couldn't find a good site about the Baffler magazine or it's editor Thomas Frank so we decided to review his book, Commodify your Dissent, a collection of essays from the Baffler, instead. The Baffler's enemy is Consolidated Deviance Inc. (ConDev), a corporation that exploits and neutralizes youth countercultural sentiments. There's the balance sheet of a band that made $3 million for the record industry but made only $4,031.25 for each member. And the story of how the New York times printed a fabricated list of words used in the Grunge subculture such as "Harsh Realm," and "Kickers." Containing the only negative review we've ever seen of "Pulp Fiction", Commodify your Dissent is a collection of intellectually ruthless essays.

Refuse & Resist

Refuse & Resist was founded in New York in 1987 to fight the combination of the military industrial complex and radical right that made the Reagan era. Refuse & Resist works to protect minorities from police violence, women from abortion clinic violence, and immigrants from abuse. Of particular interest is their comprehensive coverage of the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, an African American journalist critical of the police who is now on death row in Pennsylvania.

The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign

The only thing worse than Windows is ads for Windows. Art by the Foot got tired of them and launched The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign: a set of banner ads to promote the free operating system. Linux users liked the ads and they are still carried on many popular pages. The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign inspired us to start Positive Propaganda and is a great example of how to get a message out.

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