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Volume 3 Issue 4
November 2,1998
The Zapatista Front

In January 1994 the Zapatista movement, led by Subcommandante Macros, seized several towns in Chiapas and began a long struggle for political change. The Zapatistas reinvigorated the Left worldwide by forming an indigineous people's movement that poses a credible threat to neoliberalism by blending the strengths of socialism, anarchism and feminism. This has made the Zapatistas a target for extermination by the Mexican government. Fortunately, the Zapatisitas have a weapon that Che Guevera never had, a web site. The Zapatista Front is a comprehensive set of documents from the Zapatistas themselves which tells their side of the story -- enabling the rest of us to speak out in their defense.

Buckminister Fuller Institute

Buckminister Fuller, a visionary driven mad by the twentieth century, envisioned that the rational use of technology would wipe out war, hunger and human suffering. (We're less optimistic) Although Fuller's most famous invention was the geodesic dome, his dry-packaging toilet anticipated today's diaper disposal device. The Buckminister Fuller Institute has a splended site which is "the first phase of a project to build an on-line 'operating manual for spaceship earth.'", a project Bucky would have approved of. Here you can find out about his inventions and his thoughts on geometry, design, politics and philosophy. Buckminister Fuller Institute also links other exceptional sites on Fuller, such as the complete text of Fuller's magnum opus "Synergetics."

Positive Propaganda

Physicist Paul Houle had a miserable site which got too many hits to abandon -- so he created Positive Propaganda because he wanted to try something new. Built on Perl and PostgresSQL, Positive Propaganda uses style sheets and downloadable fonts to create a unique look without images. Paul keeps to a rigid format, reviewing four sites each week and hyperlinking only to the sites under review. Writing the reviews every week is a lot of work, but it gives him a chance to enjoy other people's work and, judging from his server logs, some people like it enough to come back.

Brand X: Dead Kennedies

We spent two weeks in the American suburbs recently and listened to our whole record collection several times -- our best rediscovery was Plastic Surgery Disasters by the Dead Kennedies. We enjoyed the music and the politically charged lyrics of Jello Biafra, who speaks of the military-industrial complex with cold-blooded brutality matched only by Noam Chomsky. We went looking for a site about the Dead Kennedies and Jello but it was hard to pick just one. We chose Brand X: Dead Kennedies because it's a beautiful and well-organized site with a wealth of information: lyrics, photos, articles, interviews and guitar tabs.

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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