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Volume 3 Issue 2
October 20,1998

In authoritarian societes, BLINDERS are put on people by fear and violence. Photographer Peter Cunningham wanted to identify what mechanisms limit our vision in "free" capitalist societies. Here you'll find an fascinating web photoessay about the repetitive images used by commercialism, politics and the media to put out our eyes.

Project MediaGuru

We've been looking for a good site about Marshall McLuhan and his ideas, and Project MediaGuru is the one. Marshall McLuhan rose to fame in the 60's with unconventional ideas about man and the media, but soon faded into obscurity. Recently, with the coming of personal computers, CD-ROMs, and in particular the web, interest in McLuhan's ideas is booming again. Produced by of the Center for Media Sciences, Project MediaGuru is an archive of a monthly mailing list, as well as a collection of quotes and sound bytes of McLuhan himself and links to other sites.

Synarchy Networks
Founded by Nicholas Roberts, the "Synarchy Intellegence Agency" is a "network of free agents (individuals and organizations) who combine to share, exchange and create intellegence." The long- term goal is to develop a collaborative "Enlightenment Encylopedia" online. Today you'll find a collection of links and reviews similar in spirit to our own.

The Public Domain

The Public Domain, a project of Rod Caliente, is a collection of counter- corporate essays with a technically interesting frames-based navigation system. One essay "MemoSigns" is a nonlinear hypertext about "Mitch" and his communications with the management. "Do Brands Exist?" is a study of the semiotics of capitalism. Mitch returns in "The End of Poetry" to reveal himself as alpha and omega.

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Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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