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Volume 3 Issue 1
October 11,1998
Noam Chomsky Archive

Noam Chomsky's seminal work "Syntactic Structures" changed the field of linguistics and computer science forever in 1957. A decade later the young professor was outraged by the US role in Vietnam and joined the anti-war movement. Since then, Noam Chomsky has been a relentless critic of US policy, big buisness and the media. The Noam Chomsky Archive is a vast site containing numerous articles and audio speeches by Chomsky, the complete text of several of his books, the script of the award-winning documentary "Manufacturing Consent", as well as interviews and biographical information.

Interesting Ideas

Interesting Ideas invites us to take a broad view of art, outside the circles of conventional art exhibits and criticism. This engaging and original site starts with photoessays on roadside art: signs, buildings, and commercial sculpture. Interesting Ideas also has a gallery of outsider, eccentric, prison and folk art. Finally you'll find essays on comic strips, television and those kind people who pass out religious pamphlets at the park.


Spamfighter Mobileunit is a veteran of the spam wars who spends entirely too much time on the front line defending our mailboxes with his ICMP rifle. One day Mobileunit put together a short web page using stolen graphics from the US military to warn spammers of the might of his informal militia. Mobileunit found an effective use for "Free Web Pages" such as Angelfire, Geocities and Tripod.

Computer scientist Steve Mann is an expert on personal imaging, that is, wearable video cameras. What we find interesting about wearcam.org is the idea of "turning the camera around." When you walk into a store, your every move is videotaped. As advances in techology make video cheaper, continuous autosurveilance will become a reality. wearcam.org suggests that ordinary citizens with personal video equipment will be able to to record video as well, reversing the flow of information.

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Vegan Pizza
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