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Volume 2 Issue 6
October 3,1998
False Advertising

What would it be like if advertisements told the truth? It might look a lot like False Advertising, a collection of ad parodies targeting Taco Bell, Tommy Hilfiger and Amway as well as other corporations. False Advertising also takes a shot at Smith & Wesson, the National Security Agency, the CIA and other bad actors who'd rather not be in the public eye.


Forgot the root password again? Don't worry, just hop over to Rootshell and your troubles are over. Rootshell reports the latest security holes in operating systems as well as network hardware and software. Stay informed to stay secure.


Ever notice that it's getting harder to find things on the web? Google! can help. A project of Stanford University scientists, Google! uses a reverse-citation index to measure the importance of a site by the number of sites that link it, helping you select exactly the page you want out of all the pages that match your query.


Perhaps the most hateful site on the internet (you have been warned), enemy.org is a vicious attack on the software giant Microsoft. enemy.org uses lurid graphics and links to anti-Microsoft pages around the world to reflect what millions of computer users think about the monopolist.

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