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Volume 2 Issue 5
September 18,1998
Tapir Gallery

A Tapir is an endangered animal which looks like a pig with a miniature trunk. Three species of tapir exist in the western hemisphere. The primary enemy of the one Asian species, the Malay tapir, is the tiger. We read about Tapirs in a book and we thought they were so cute that we'd have to find a good web site about them. The Tapir Gallery was created by a publisher and web consultant who fell in love with Tapirs back in 1968 -- there you'll find information, photographs and stories about this remarkable animal.

Unamerican Activites
Unamerican Activites seeks to "Blow up the heads of today's youth" by offering "Quality Rebellion at Affordable Prices." Unamerican Activites describes itself as a "punk-rock band which doesn't bother with songs, only titles." Unamerican Activites is a site with excellent production values that appears to be supported by the sales of stickers, t-shirts and mugs with anarchist messages. This site is part of a conglomerate of fancy sites with leftist messages but distressing commercial overtones which we'll be reviewing over the next few weeks.


CyberLeninism is the intersection of Marxism/Leninism and radical informatics. Complete with a grand picture of Lenin, this site offers some interesting essays on how the proletariat can use the new tools of personal mass communication to build a worker's party and smash the state. Perhaps 1917 was just the beta version...

Street Corner Web Browser

Tired of technology news that simply repeats corporate press releases? Make your own. Two years ago, we visited the Netherlands, where we saw a Street Corner Web Browser. We thought this was newsworthy so Olivia took some photos and we put together this bit of journalism the week we got home. We're interested in independant observations, so if you write up something interesting, send us a link through the form on the right

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