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Volume 2 Issue 4
September 5,1998
Flaming Fords

Is it better to burn out or to fade away? When Edward Goldgehn's Ford Ranger caught fire in his driveway one night, he didn't get mad. He got even. He started Flaming Fords to publicize his plight and pressure the auto giant to recall the vehicles. Although Flaming Fords is a product of the Netscape 2 era, it's still a demonstration of what one man can do against a giant corporation.

Elvis and Nixon Variety Show

Chris Day's Elvis and Nixon Variety Show starts with the famous photograph of Elvis and Nixon shaking hands in the Oval office and just gets better. The top page deconstructs many of the banner campaigns which have turned much of the web into a wasteland -- inside you'll find a collection of neat collages made from advertising, news, japanese animation and other imagery.


If you're looking for a web site that sucks, you can't do better than Suck. Suck is a spinoff of Wired magazine, that tired trumpeter of capitalism and the free market which, despite it's best attempts, can't make any money. Suck pretends to make irreverant reviews of corporate web sites and comments on news media frenzies, but is little more than a last ditch effort to get web viewers to visit boring corporate sites and to pollute the web with the same drivel that's on television and in the newspapers.

The Big Sell Out
Although the US is the world's largest consumer market and is the center of the world entertainment conspiracy, Japan weighs in as the second largest advertising market in the world. Many celebrities who want some extra cash step out of character and appear in advertisements in the Japanese market -- knowing that they'd never been seen back in the states where they might hurt their image, box office draw or album sales. Until now: At The Big Sell Out, Tokyo resident Ian Kennedy has shared with us some examples which you might useful or amusing.

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