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Volume 2 Issue 2
August 22,1998
Good Deeds
This simple and well-designed site was submited through the form on the right. Good Deeds is Wendy Murdock's list of things we can do to help other people by donating our time rather than our money, such as making homemade cards for sick children.


Abrupt, self-described as "Apocalyptic Optimism for the end of History", is a real third-eye opener. Abrupt is divided into three sections: culture jamming, logos and product. Culture jamming is a collection of propaganda flyers and ad spoofs targeted at the twin pillars of cultural conservatism and the establishment. Logos contains psilocybin mushroom inspired writings in the style of Terrence McKenna. Product links other sites that they like.


ABC, CNN, the New York Times all give you the same kind of news, written by the same kind of people. For years, the USENET newsgroup misc.activism.progressive has provided an alternative channel for the stories that you won't hear about in the mainstream press. Eric Schissel from Ithaca NY reads misc.activism.progressive and selects the best posts from the group for this site.


The German band Kraftwerk invented electronic music in the 1970's, and does a great live act today. Most bands have an official page which is crummy in comparison to the pages created by their fans. The creators of Kraftwerk's official site decided not to compete with fans for depth of information. At Kraftwerk you'll have a graphically immersive experience consistent with the band's work which is cleverly delivered with a minimum of bandwidth, so the site is fast even over a modem.

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