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Volume 1 Issue 6
August 7,1998

When fast-good giant McDonald's sued five London activists they started a seven year fight, the longest trial in British history, and a global campaign against McDonald's. Although the defendants were found guilty under Britain's strict libel laws, the judge conceeded that McDonalds exploits children in its advertising, falsely claims that its food is nutritous, and pays low wages. Despite winning the case, McDonald's image was badly hurt by the negative publicity. McSpotlight was started by two of the defendants. Today, it is a very professional site that exposes the damage that McDonalds and other multinational corporations do to the environment, their workers, animals, their customers and to human rights.

Free Kevin Mitnick

Uberhacker Kevin Mitnick has been imprisoned without a trial by the federal government for over three years. Just last month, Kevin Mitnick was denied a bail hearing, a violation of the fifth amendment, and the Disney corporation, through its subsidiary Miramax, is producing a slanderous film about his life titled Takedown. The editors of 2600 magazine have created Free Kevin Mitnick to get justice done for Kevin Mitnick. At Free Kevin Mitnick you'll find out more about Kevin Mitnick's case, legal documents, and links to more sites about Kevin Mitnick and his plight.

The Dextromethorphan Site

The best kept secret in recreational drugs, the common cough suppressant Dextromethorphan (or DXM) is a powerful hallucinogen in high doses. Based on William White's DXM FAQ, The Dextromethorphan Site is a fantastic source of information about the effects, chemistry, pharmacology and culture of DXM use. Run by a bunch of web kids who hang out on the #dxm IRC channel, The Dextromethorphan Site has links to many other sites as well as being a record of the experiences of those intepid psychonauts who brave the dark hallucinogen.

Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project is the leading information site for Linux, a free operating system based on Unix which runs on PCs, as well as many other kinds of computers. Our web server runs Linux; it's estimated that there are at least 5 million Linux users worldwide. If you're looking for power, reliability, freedom and flexibility, you might want to give Linux a try.

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