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Volume 1 Issue 5
August 1,1998

Turbo nerds Rob Malda (of Slashdot fame) and Nate Oostendorp bring us Everything, an adventure in collaborate web spaces. Like Slashdot, Everything is built by its viewers. Hyperlinking is encouraged, since creating hyperlinks is as simple as enclosing text inside brackets. We create new nodes when we make hyperlinks, and each node contains up to two writeups by different authors that the rest of us get to vote on. Everything isn't the last word on collaborative sites, instead it's an invitation to the limitless possibilities of the web.

Stay Free

Carrie McLaren's online and paper 'zine Stay Free defies the information polluters of our age. Recent issues target database marketing, the selling power of color, and marketing to kids. Our favorite part of Stay Free are interviews with people like Negativland musician Mark Hosler, Little Mermaid fanatic Doug Webb, and children's culture professor Stephen Klein.

Hypereal Drugs Archive

Lamont Granquist started the Hypereal Drugs Archive back in 1992 as an archive for the newsgroup alt.drugs. Today, Hypereal Drugs Archive is a comprehensive reference on legal and illegal drugs. On Hypereal Drugs Archive you'll find the full text of books such as "E is for Ecstacy" as well as articles on subjects such as inhalants, stimulants and natural highs. Whatever you believe about the harm done by drugs, there is no doubt that accurate information benefits us all.

Information Warfare

Anticipated by thinkers from Sun-Tzu to Marshall McLuhen, Information Warfare is the new emerging paradigm of war. The US army defines Information Warfare as "Actions taken to preserve the integrity of one's own information system from exploitation, corruption, or destruction while at the same time exploiting, corrupting, or destroying an adversary's information system and in the process achieving an information advantage in the application of force." Information Warfare is the US Army's position statement on the matter: something to to read before you wake up and find yourself on the frontline.

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Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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