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Volume 1 Issue 4
July 25,1998

Ecopartners is a development project, run by John Katz from Cornell University, doing work in the village of El Limon in the Dominican Republic. We visted El Limon last January and were amazed by what we saw. With help from Ecopartners, the people of Limon are trying organic agriculture, have constructed a micro hydroelectric power system for the village, and now have two computers which will have internet access when cellular telephone service comes to the area.

Weeds of El Limon

When we visited Limon, we made a small flora of the village with a focus on small plants and weeds. Like Positive Propaganda, Weeds of El Limon uses XML to maintain a consistent look and feel with low production costs. Weeds of El Limon is a prototype for web applications to help people in the developing world.


Tired of junk mail, junk e-mail and junk phone calls? Computer scientist Jason Catlett was, so he started Junkbusters. With tips on how to get off junk mail and telemarketer lists, exposés about how web sites can violate your privacy, and the Internet Junkbuster proxy server, which deletes cookies and banner ads, Junkbusters can help you filter the garbage out of the information you receive.

M@dcow's Vegan Page

Veganism is the lifestyle philosophy of not eating or using animal products. More and more people are becoming vegan for ethical, environmental and health reasons. M@dcow's Vegan Page is full of solid information on why many of us are vegan, how animals are exploited and abused in factory farm production systems, what vegans eat, and what you can do to help animals.

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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