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Volume 1 Issue 3
July 18,1998

Every so often I see a page which takes the words out of my mouth. Propaganda!, Michael Bacarella's bold manifesto of radical informatics in glorious red on a black background is such a page. To quote: "Citizen! The computer is your friend! Fight back! The computer is your weapon!"


Adbusters magazine, a product of the Media Foundation, aims to "take on the archetypal mind polluters -- Marlboro, Budweiser, Benetton, Coke, McDonald's, Calvin Klein -- and beat them at their own game" and does so issue after issue. The Adbusters web site features article from the magazine, spoofs of major advertising campaigns and resources to help you join the fight.


pepC is a reaction to the emptiness of the cola war through essays about "How I learned to stop eating corpseflesh and started drinking more pop" and provocative art. The images (under the heading "Layout") imitate the style of cola advertising to reveal the lack of meaning behind the marketing. Don't miss our favorite images "The People" and "Radium and Romanticism."

US Army manuals

Be all you can be with US Army manuals. With a $300 billion dollar budget, the US has the most powerful military in the world. For once, we've gotten something for our tax dollars: US Army manuals online. Army training and field manuals have been endorsed by such diverse combatants as the Militia of Montana and Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos. Although many of the manuals on subjects of the greatest interest to the guerilla- such as chemical, psychological and unconventional warfare- are restricted (though you can often find them at your local military surplus store), the Army's digital library is the ultimate cold-blooded online resource on the art of war.

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Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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