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Volume 1 Issue 2
July 11,1998
Mikeys' zine

Washington DC-based artist Mike Flugennock brings us Mikeys' zine, possibly the best activist web serial I've seen. Recent issues of Mikeys' zine concern AIDS activism, the continuing wars on Iraq and drugs and the repressive goverment of Indonesia with fantastic art, photographs and writing. Don't miss it.

Art for a change

Anarchism is the hopeful philosophy that people can best develop when freed from authoritarian social structures. As one would expect, anarchism has come under fire throughout the 20th century from the power brokers of the capitalist and communist worlds. Art for a change is a collection of art expressing the anarchist dream and the struggles of people throughout the world.

Vegan Pizza!

Vegan Pizza! is our own recipe for a great Pizza without any cheese. Olivia scanned in hand-drawn illustrations and edited them pixel by pixel using the Gimp. Result: An intense media experience that takes just 20 seconds to download over a phone line.


Tonga is an strategically placed island in the South Pacific which has become a nexus of the undersea optic fiber communication network. Under the authority of the king, Tonga sells ".to" domains to anyone who isn't a spammer. CECA? is a web site with an unusual URL based in ".to" which was submitted in the form you see to the right. I don't understand exactly what the croatian creators of this site are trying to accomplish, but they certainly had a budget because it's quite spiffy. Prehaps you can tell us.

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Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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