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The envy of the online press, Slashdot is a collaborative technology news site with a focus on free software. From the guy who's building a Linux-powered MP-3 player for his car to programmer riots in Sunnyville, CA, Slashdot has news you won't find anywhere else.

Mikeys' zine

Washington DC-based artist Mike Flugennock brings us Mikeys' zine, possibly the best activist web serial I've seen. Recent issues of Mikeys' zine concern AIDS activism, the continuing wars on Iraq and drugs and the repressive goverment of Indonesia with fantastic art, photographs and writing. Don't miss it.


More often than not, images are used only as a filler on the web, to make a bit of text in a certain font or just to look trendy or dazzle the eye. Specializing in quirky sites made by individuals, Grouse! is a visually enhanced "site-of-the-day" site which adds a new picture for each site that gets reviewed.

Web Soup

It disturbs me than an increasing number of sites with valuable content choose to hide it. Some use complicated layouts with tables and frames that take forever to load, and an increasing number of pages that crash my browser. Web Soup is an attempt to use technology to undo the evils of technology. By extracting headlines from about fifty sites, Web Soup serves up a user-friendly mountain of links on a plain grey background.

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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