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When I was a teenage terror in high school, I read every issue of Phrack cover to cover. In those days, Phrack shocked middle-class sensibilities ith articles on "How to Pick Master Locks", "Fun With Lighters" and "How to Fuck up the World." Today the creators of Phrack have grown up -- starting the epidemic of buffer overflow attacks on Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Whether you're part of the problem or part of the solution, Phrack is great reading that shatters the illusion of computer security.

Back Orifice

Back Orifice is a program that adds a powerful remote-administration capability to Windows 95 and 98, letting a hacker take over the machine and use it to attack other computers. Back Orifice is part of an evil plan worthy of the villian of a Batman movie: thousands of third-rate hacker wannabees will download Back Orifice and install it. Although it's simple to change the port number and password from the command line, many Windows users who can't live with a GUI won't -- leaving it running on their machine so that Back Orifice's creators can take the machine over and use it to advance their nefarious schemes.


Forgot the root password again? Don't worry, just hop over to Rootshell and your troubles are over. Rootshell reports the latest security holes in operating systems as well as network hardware and software. Stay informed to stay secure.

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