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Weeds of El Limon

When we visited Limon, we made a small flora of the village with a focus on small plants and weeds. Like Positive Propaganda, Weeds of El Limon uses XML to maintain a consistent look and feel with low production costs. Weeds of El Limon is a prototype for web applications to help people in the developing world.

Tapir Gallery

A Tapir is an endangered animal which looks like a pig with a miniature trunk. Three species of tapir exist in the western hemisphere. The primary enemy of the one Asian species, the Malay tapir, is the tiger. We read about Tapirs in a book and we thought they were so cute that we'd have to find a good web site about them. The Tapir Gallery was created by a publisher and web consultant who fell in love with Tapirs back in 1968 -- there you'll find information, photographs and stories about this remarkable animal.


One hundred and fifty years ago, before Massachusetts was a tangle of suburbs and superhighways, Thoreau got tired of civilization and resolved to live in a cabin in the woods. His writing from this time spent hoeing a garden and watching the seasons change on Walden pond in Lincoln, Mass. is his most famous work. Walden contains the full text of the book, along with a shorter version for the impatient. Useful links include a 1916 English dictionary for looking up Thoreau's more obscure words, and information about Walden pond today.

Bad astronomy

We all know the mass media is filled with disinformation -- Astronomer Phil Plait got tired of it and created Bad astronomy, which debunks astronomical errors in TV, movies and the news, as well as common misconceptions in the media. Phil takes on the big-budget Hollywood movies "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" as well as a plaque at New York's grand central station.

The 3-d sky: Giants!

The 3-d sky: Giants! is a major renovation of our most popular site. Once a pointless (but fun) VRML romp through our stellar neighborhood, we added a simple astronomy lesson, a new color scheme, and redid our models with our Freedom VR applet.

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