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Tonga is an strategically placed island in the South Pacific which has become a nexus of the undersea optic fiber communication network. Under the authority of the king, Tonga sells ".to" domains to anyone who isn't a spammer. CECA? is a web site with an unusual URL based in ".to" which was submitted in the form you see to the right. I don't understand exactly what the croatian creators of this site are trying to accomplish, but they certainly had a budget because it's quite spiffy. Prehaps you can tell us.

Free Kevin Mitnick

Uberhacker Kevin Mitnick has been imprisoned without a trial by the federal government for over three years. Just last month, Kevin Mitnick was denied a bail hearing, a violation of the fifth amendment, and the Disney corporation, through its subsidiary Miramax, is producing a slanderous film about his life titled Takedown. The editors of 2600 magazine have created Free Kevin Mitnick to get justice done for Kevin Mitnick. At Free Kevin Mitnick you'll find out more about Kevin Mitnick's case, legal documents, and links to more sites about Kevin Mitnick and his plight.

Alex Chiu

Alex Chiu claims to have discovered the secret of eternal life and compares himself to Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Is he right? Decide for yourself. No matter what you think, viewers who explore Alex Chiu's site deeply will experience an engaging hypertext adventure.

Noam Chomsky Archive

Noam Chomsky's seminal work "Syntactic Structures" changed the field of linguistics and computer science forever in 1957. A decade later the young professor was outraged by the US role in Vietnam and joined the anti-war movement. Since then, Noam Chomsky has been a relentless critic of US policy, big buisness and the media. The Noam Chomsky Archive is a vast site containing numerous articles and audio speeches by Chomsky, the complete text of several of his books, the script of the award-winning documentary "Manufacturing Consent", as well as interviews and biographical information.

Project MediaGuru

We've been looking for a good site about Marshall McLuhan and his ideas, and Project MediaGuru is the one. Marshall McLuhan rose to fame in the 60's with unconventional ideas about man and the media, but soon faded into obscurity. Recently, with the coming of personal computers, CD-ROMs, and in particular the web, interest in McLuhan's ideas is booming again. Produced by of the Center for Media Sciences, Project MediaGuru is an archive of a monthly mailing list, as well as a collection of quotes and sound bytes of McLuhan himself and links to other sites.

Buckminister Fuller Institute

Buckminister Fuller, a visionary driven mad by the twentieth century, envisioned that the rational use of technology would wipe out war, hunger and human suffering. (We're less optimistic) Although Fuller's most famous invention was the geodesic dome, his dry-packaging toilet anticipated today's diaper disposal device. The Buckminister Fuller Institute has a splended site which is "the first phase of a project to build an on-line 'operating manual for spaceship earth.'", a project Bucky would have approved of. Here you can find out about his inventions and his thoughts on geometry, design, politics and philosophy. Buckminister Fuller Institute also links other exceptional sites on Fuller, such as the complete text of Fuller's magnum opus "Synergetics."

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