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The German band Kraftwerk invented electronic music in the 1970's, and does a great live act today. Most bands have an official page which is crummy in comparison to the pages created by their fans. The creators of Kraftwerk's official site decided not to compete with fans for depth of information. At Kraftwerk you'll have a graphically immersive experience consistent with the band's work which is cleverly delivered with a minimum of bandwidth, so the site is fast even over a modem.

Brand X: Dead Kennedies

We spent two weeks in the American suburbs recently and listened to our whole record collection several times -- our best rediscovery was Plastic Surgery Disasters by the Dead Kennedies. We enjoyed the music and the politically charged lyrics of Jello Biafra, who speaks of the military-industrial complex with cold-blooded brutality matched only by Noam Chomsky. We went looking for a site about the Dead Kennedies and Jello but it was hard to pick just one. We chose Brand X: Dead Kennedies because it's a beautiful and well-organized site with a wealth of information: lyrics, photos, articles, interviews and guitar tabs.

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