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Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project is the leading information site for Linux, a free operating system based on Unix which runs on PCs, as well as many other kinds of computers. Our web server runs Linux; it's estimated that there are at least 5 million Linux users worldwide. If you're looking for power, reliability, freedom and flexibility, you might want to give Linux a try.

The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign

The only thing worse than Windows is ads for Windows. Art by the Foot got tired of them and launched The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign: a set of banner ads to promote the free operating system. Linux users liked the ads and they are still carried on many popular pages. The Unoffical Linux Advertising Campaign inspired us to start Positive Propaganda and is a great example of how to get a message out.

Linux games

When we found out about retrogaming we knew we'd have to get a joystick, and to get joystick drivers for Linux (which we use exclusively) we went to Linux games -- one quick compile and we were on the road. A comprehensive site, Linux games's motto is "Even Penguins like to have fun." In addition to offering drivers, Linux games features news and links to games for Linux, hosts projects such as the Crystal Space 3-d engine, and runs petition drives to get popular games such as Unreal ported to the free operating system.

Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

Two summers ago, we bought a quickcam and wrote software to shoot MPEG videos under Linux. Worried about the proliferation of surveillance cameras, and thinking of a civillian effort to shoot back, we shot a series of videos in commerical spaces with our laptop. These experiments culminated in a road trip on which we took our laptop into a Wal*Mart and got kicked out. I was finishing my thesis at the time, so the movies sat on a recordable CD until a few weeks ago, when we put together Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart which combines our videos, an essay about our adventures, and some nice art.

Kernel Traffic

Although E-mail lists can carry valuable information, managing the flood of messages is difficult and time-consuming. Linux Torvalds manages the development of the Linux kernel on such a list, where wizards squash bugs and plan the future of Linux. A Linux user who wants to learn the latest about the kernel would have to wade through hundreds of technical messages a week, until now. Kernel Traffic is a weekly digest of the kernel list. Individual discussion threads are separated and simply explained. Complex issues are explained in supplementary essays. Statistics keep track of who posts the most; Kernel Traffic is just as concerned with the people who make Linux as with the code. It looks like a lot of work to us, but it's worth it. We hope its creators decide to keep it up.

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Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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