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Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia

The late Marshall McLuhan wrote "World War III will be a global information war with no division between civilian and military participation." Participants in this war will find the Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia to be a compendium of great information and links on subjects from Art Forgeries to Anarchism.


Every so often I see a page which takes the words out of my mouth. Propaganda!, Michael Bacarella's bold manifesto of radical informatics in glorious red on a black background is such a page. To quote: "Citizen! The computer is your friend! Fight back! The computer is your weapon!"

Information Warfare

Anticipated by thinkers from Sun-Tzu to Marshall McLuhen, Information Warfare is the new emerging paradigm of war. The US army defines Information Warfare as "Actions taken to preserve the integrity of one's own information system from exploitation, corruption, or destruction while at the same time exploiting, corrupting, or destroying an adversary's information system and in the process achieving an information advantage in the application of force." Information Warfare is the US Army's position statement on the matter: something to to read before you wake up and find yourself on the frontline.

The Electronic Revolution

Written by William Borroughs in the 1970s, The Electronic Revolution is still provocative and up to the minute. The Electronic Revolution is a McLuhanesque romp that explores the potential of electronic media to record, scramble, and play back symbols and sensations for the manipulation of our tribal reality.


Spamfighter Mobileunit is a veteran of the spam wars who spends entirely too much time on the front line defending our mailboxes with his ICMP rifle. One day Mobileunit put together a short web page using stolen graphics from the US military to warn spammers of the might of his informal militia. Mobileunit found an effective use for "Free Web Pages" such as Angelfire, Geocities and Tripod.

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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