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Emulation Excitement

A sharp looking site, Emulation Excitement is a one-stop shop for retrogaming software and information. Here you can get emulators for 8-bit Nintendo, the Game Boy, the Atari VCS and many other consoles as well as a complete collection of coin-op arcade and older (pre-Super Nintendo) ROMs, rounded out with emulation news and discussion groups.


Both because of the quality of the games and of the emulator, the Super Nintendo is the most popular console under emulation -- many games run so well (with great graphics and sound) that you won't believe that they weren't written for your computer. SNES9X is one of two excellent emulators for it. We like it the best because it comes with source code and work with Linux (in addition to Windows and other platforms.)

Linux games

When we found out about retrogaming we knew we'd have to get a joystick, and to get joystick drivers for Linux (which we use exclusively) we went to Linux games -- one quick compile and we were on the road. A comprehensive site, Linux games's motto is "Even Penguins like to have fun." In addition to offering drivers, Linux games features news and links to games for Linux, hosts projects such as the Crystal Space 3-d engine, and runs petition drives to get popular games such as Unreal ported to the free operating system.

M. A. M. E.

The December 1981 issue of Byte magazine was dedicated to computer games and featured a prophetic article titled "The coinless arcade" about arcade games on home computers. Today you can play over 1000 classic coin-op games such as Space Invaders, Pac Man and Asteroids with M. A. M. E. , the "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator." A product of an international effort resembling the space program in scope, M. A. M. E. is free with source code and works on many platforms including Linux and other unixes, the Macintosh, and Windows. Also, MAME has a smaller brother named MESS which emulates older computers and game consoles such as the TRS-80, PDP-1, the 8-bit Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.

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