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Adbusters magazine, a product of the Media Foundation, aims to "take on the archetypal mind polluters -- Marlboro, Budweiser, Benetton, Coke, McDonald's, Calvin Klein -- and beat them at their own game" and does so issue after issue. The Adbusters web site features article from the magazine, spoofs of major advertising campaigns and resources to help you join the fight.


Abrupt, self-described as "Apocalyptic Optimism for the end of History", is a real third-eye opener. Abrupt is divided into three sections: culture jamming, logos and product. Culture jamming is a collection of propaganda flyers and ad spoofs targeted at the twin pillars of cultural conservatism and the establishment. Logos contains psilocybin mushroom inspired writings in the style of Terrence McKenna. Product links other sites that they like.

False Advertising

What would it be like if advertisements told the truth? It might look a lot like False Advertising, a collection of ad parodies targeting Taco Bell, Tommy Hilfiger and Amway as well as other corporations. False Advertising also takes a shot at Smith & Wesson, the National Security Agency, the CIA and other bad actors who'd rather not be in the public eye.

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
Freedom VR
Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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