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The envy of the online press, Slashdot is a collaborative technology news site with a focus on free software. From the guy who's building a Linux-powered MP-3 player for his car to programmer riots in Sunnyville, CA, Slashdot has news you won't find anywhere else.


If you're looking for a web site that sucks, you can't do better than Suck. Suck is a spinoff of Wired magazine, that tired trumpeter of capitalism and the free market which, despite it's best attempts, can't make any money. Suck pretends to make irreverant reviews of corporate web sites and comments on news media frenzies, but is little more than a last ditch effort to get web viewers to visit boring corporate sites and to pollute the web with the same drivel that's on television and in the newspapers.

Nike Girls

Pay third world residents pennies to make hundred-dollar shoes? Just do it, says Nike chairman Phil Knight. Nike diffuses criticism with heavy advertising in all media, including the web. Images that seem to support minorites win their silence and leave the rest of us with fuzzy warm feelings. Nike Girls is a browser-busting tour de force which reaches out to another oppressed group in an attempt to boost sagging sneaker sales.

Planet Girl Jr.

Boys have been rotting their brains for years playing mindless shoot 'em ups, but now thanks to Girl Games, Inc., girls can join in on the fun. Their site, Planet Girl Jr., which calls itself the "the premiere on-line environment for girls", is the most terrifying site we've seen in years. An online successor to dead-tree publications such as "Teen" and "Seventeen," girls can visit this site to learn that makup and B*O*Y*S are the important things in life.

Jobs at the NSA

The National Security Agency monitors communications worldwide to keep America safe from communists, terrorists and other scum. The NSA has used every means necessary to slow the adoption of strong cryptography so that it can listen in on us. Which means the scum can listen too.

If you can pass a simple security check, you too can join this elite team. The "Enhanced for Netscape 2" Jobs at the NSA shows you how, but it fails to tell you about all the benefits: don't worry about being captured by the enemy -- a kindly secret agent will make sure they never get you alive.


Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment is a lobbying organization that exists to "Provide a strong unified voice for the specialty pesticide industry." Although RISE seems to have been knocked together in an afternoon with Pagemill, you'll find the contents quite educational. Did you know that we wouldn't have any grass, trees or flowers if wasn't for pesticides? Or that our nation's schools are menaced by insects, rodents and weeds? We sure didn't.

Her Magesty's Prison Service

Sometimes a real web site reads like a parody. Her Magesty's Prison Service, a home away from home for 60,000 britons, informs us that "there is more to prison life than simply doing time." Written in the latinate tounge of Britain's elite, perhaps it's a warning to lawbreakers on this fair island.

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