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When fast-good giant McDonald's sued five London activists they started a seven year fight, the longest trial in British history, and a global campaign against McDonald's. Although the defendants were found guilty under Britain's strict libel laws, the judge conceeded that McDonalds exploits children in its advertising, falsely claims that its food is nutritous, and pays low wages. Despite winning the case, McDonald's image was badly hurt by the negative publicity. McSpotlight was started by two of the defendants. Today, it is a very professional site that exposes the damage that McDonalds and other multinational corporations do to the environment, their workers, animals, their customers and to human rights.

Operation Clambake

Grown up from the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, Operation Clambake exposes the scandal of the science fiction cult Scientology. See J. Edgar Hoover take on L. Ron Hubbard in Hubbard's FBI files, discover the correct answers to the "free personality test" and find the dark secret behind the volcano on the cover of Dianetics.

Flaming Fords

Is it better to burn out or to fade away? When Edward Goldgehn's Ford Ranger caught fire in his driveway one night, he didn't get mad. He got even. He started Flaming Fords to publicize his plight and pressure the auto giant to recall the vehicles. Although Flaming Fords is a product of the Netscape 2 era, it's still a demonstration of what one man can do against a giant corporation.


Perhaps the most hateful site on the internet (you have been warned), enemy.org is a vicious attack on the software giant Microsoft. enemy.org uses lurid graphics and links to anti-Microsoft pages around the world to reflect what millions of computer users think about the monopolist.

Chase Manhattan Sucks

Since Chase Manhattan bank is famous for forclosing family farms and ordering the slaughter of peasantss in Mexico, it comes as no suprise that it rips off the consumer. Chase Manhattan Sucks is a protest site; although it's a product of the Netscape 2 era, complete with an animated .gif of a man pissing on the name of the bank, this page does a good job of collecting sob stories and other complaints about the bank.


Speaking of heriditary elites, a few weeks ago, PR agents of the Bush campaign announced they'd bought about 200 domain names such as "bushsucks.com" and "bush-bites.com." Soon we learned the reason: Zack Exley, a friend of RTMark Inc., put up gwbush.com, challenging the candidate, who advocates mandatory minimum for drug offenders despite his past cocaine use, to extend our forgiveness to minorities and the poor. Bush denounced the site in public, stating that "There should be some limits to freedom" but the would be president's complaint to the federal election committee went unheeded.

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