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Mikeys' zine

Washington DC-based artist Mike Flugennock brings us Mikeys' zine, possibly the best activist web serial I've seen. Recent issues of Mikeys' zine concern AIDS activism, the continuing wars on Iraq and drugs and the repressive goverment of Indonesia with fantastic art, photographs and writing. Don't miss it.


ABC, CNN, the New York Times all give you the same kind of news, written by the same kind of people. For years, the USENET newsgroup misc.activism.progressive has provided an alternative channel for the stories that you won't hear about in the mainstream press. Eric Schissel from Ithaca NY reads misc.activism.progressive and selects the best posts from the group for this site.

Refuse & Resist

Refuse & Resist was founded in New York in 1987 to fight the combination of the military industrial complex and radical right that made the Reagan era. Refuse & Resist works to protect minorities from police violence, women from abortion clinic violence, and immigrants from abuse. Of particular interest is their comprehensive coverage of the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, an African American journalist critical of the police who is now on death row in Pennsylvania.

Electronic Civil Disobediance

How can we use the new tools of personal mass communication to support struggles for liberation such as micropower broadcasting and the Zapatistas? Electronic Civil Disobediance, made by graduate student Stefan Wray, got kicked off a web server at NYU for his answer. Wray'sfriends in Electronic Disturbance Theatre created FloodNet, a system that makes your web browser continuously reload a target site , clogging an opponent's network and filling their server logs with political messages. At this site you can participate in FloodNet actions and read articles about Electronic Civil Disobediance

Protest net

Is Oceania at war with Eurasia or East Asia? Sometimes it seems there's alway a war going on, if only to give the oversized militaries of the US and Europe a reason to exist. Although the US military has changed its dogma, propaganda, and recruitment to become less vulnerable to popular movements such as the one that ended the Vietnam war, activists work worldwide to lessen the grip of militarism on our lives. To help people get involved, Boston-based South End Press, publishers of Z Magazine, put together Protest net, an online calendar for peace activists around the world -- where you can find out what's going on near you and list the activities of your own organization.


Urban75 is an professional but adveristing-free web magazine with original writing, comics and photography. With practical advice and reporting on activism against multinationals, road construction, and genetically altered foods, Urban75 fights in a land where partying is illegal. To quote, "We at Urban75 do not encourage anyone to break the law. We suggest that you sit in at home and watch TV while the multi-nationals are destroying this planet and there's poverty and homelessness all around you"

Positive Propaganda

Vegan Pizza
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Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart

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