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Volume 6 Issue 2
Feburary 10,2001
Animal Photos!

Research shows that pictures of animals are the second most popular kind of picture that people are looking for online. Animal photos is building a comprehensive collection of thousands of photographs representing every kind of animal. All images are under a creative commons license, so you can use them for web sites, school reports and other projects.

Spoon River Anthology
First published in 1915, Spoon River Anthology was Edgar Lee Master's masterwork. Groundbreaking, influential, and scandalous when it was published, Spoon River Anthology is a collection of epitaphs of residents of a small town in Illinois; to get a real understanding of Spoon River, readers must put together clues that are scattered in a number of poems. With hyperlinks, user comments and other new features, this online edition aims to help 21st century readers get more out of this unique text.

The Guy I Almost Was
The Guy I Almost Was is one of the few sites that make Olivia and I feel jealous. About growing up in the twilight of the industrial age, Pat Farley's comic illustrates the damage that rapid social change and the mass media do to our identity-forming process.
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