the real ponies When Paul and I were at Cornell University, we used to go walking
through the Cornell Plantations above campus. Out there, behind the vet school, are six pretty pony mares that
live in a pasture under a water tower. We'd pick armloads of timothy for them and pet them
every time we walked by. Meeting them convinced me to make this site.

Some of the ponies' names and colors are based on horses I knew at South Wind Stable
in Binghamton, New York, where I spent most of my free time between ages 10 and 17. The real Sandy
and Bird look almost like their "Six Ponies" versions. Sugar is a fat, pretty fleabitten grey, and Olive was a dark bay
Thoroughbred. Both colors were impossible to create in 8- bit color, so I made Olive bay and Sugar liver
chestnut. Sugar's cat friend is my orange tabby, Chiba. Cream and Feather are
simply imaginary ponies that I've always wanted.
Making the pictures Making the slideshow