[Plant 9 illustration] Family Crassulacae
Species not identified

Succulent with basal rosette. Fleshy opposite serrate greenish-brown leaves with black splotches. (Leaf length about 6.5 cm , width about 0.7 cm before bolting, 0.3 cm on stalk) Grows about 0.9 m tall. Flowers are red, bell-like, and pendulous with four fused petals and four bracts. Filaments are deep purple, anthers greenish brown - eight stamen, four single-lobed pistils, greenish-yellow styles. Flowes are about 3.3 cm long, 0.8 cm cm in diameter. On the order of 50 flowers are arraigned in a corymb about 11 cm in diameter. Stem is stiff, very green, fleshy inside. Growth habit and inflorescence is very similar to Bryophyllum Pinnatum Lam.

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