[Momordica charantia L. illustration] Family Cucurbitacea
Latin name: Momordica charantia L.
Common names: balsam pear, balsam apple, cerasee bush, archucha, balsamina, achochilla, pepinillo, cunde amor, melao de Sao Caetano, carcilla

Vine, climbs by tendrils. Leaves are alternate, soft and lightly hairy. Leaves are deeply lobed with five lobes. (Length about 3 cm ) Yellow flowers arise from leaf axils as do tendrils. Flower has five petals, bright orange small cluters of pistils and stamen at center. (Diameter about 1.5 cm ) Pods are oval tapering to a point with rows of little spikes, green turning orange as they mature. Exploded pods show bright orange peels and four red seeds. Inside is sticky. Pod length (about 2.5 cm ) Stem is hairy, very hairy at terminal end. Found growing on fence along main road in full sun.

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