[Heliotropium indicum L. illustration] Family Boraginaceae
Latin name: Heliotropium indicum L.
Common names: white clary, crista de galo, heliotropo silvestre, largatillo, borraja de la tierra, herba de alacrán, pico de zope, scorpion weed, erisipelas plant, turnsoles, wild clary, cola de alacrán, flor de alacrán, cotorrera, heliotropo, clary, rabo de alacrán de playa

Leaves lightly hairy, entire, and opposite. (length 4.2 cm ) Small ( 0.21 cm ) white flowers turn yellow in throat and are arraigned on a curled-up structre in two rows, unfurling as flowers open. Stem hairy.

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