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Here are the slides to a talk I gave on a conference held on December 16-17, 1996 on the use of Java in Scientific and Engineering computing held at NPAC at Syracuse.
  1. Title
  2. Computational Fracture Group
  3. The team: division of labor
  4. FRANC2D: before Java
  5. Client Applet: Model Editor
  6. Client Applet: Mesh Editor
  7. Client Applet: Stress Field Viewer
  8. System architecture: The Big Picture
  9. Changes in FRANC2D
  10. The CGI Script
  11. The Client Applet
  12. Reusable Component: Configuration System
  13. Reusable Component: WorldCanvas
  14. Avoiding Java performance problems
Hypertext links to subjects mentioned in the slides can be found here.

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