Package edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack

Class Summary
RandomApp RandomApp is a simple application that demonstrates the use of RngPack.
RandomElement RandomElement is an abstract class that encapsulates random number generators.
RandomJava RandomJava is a class wrapper for the Math.random() generator that comes with Java.
RandomSeedable RandomSeedable is an abstract class that extends the RandomElement class to include the ability to automatically generate a valid long seed from the clock.
RandomShuffle RandomShuffle uses one random number generator to shuffle the numbers produced by another to obliterate sequential correlations.
RandomSynchronized RandomSynchronized is a wrapper class that makes a random number generator safe for multi-threaded operation by serializing access in time.
Ranecu Ranecu is an advanced multiplicative linear congruential random number generator with a period of aproximately 1018.
Ranlux RANLUX is an advanced pseudo-random number generator based on the RCARRY algorithm proposed in 1991 by Marsaglia and Zaman.
Ranmar RANMAR is a lagged Fibonacci generator proposed by Marsaglia and Zaman and is a good research grade generator.
RanMT Mersenne Twister -- advanced psuedorandom generator with a period of 219937-1